Welded Pipe joints Series
Expanding Pipe joints Series
Card nested series of joint
Within taper thread teeth Series
Within cone series of joint
Mains connector series
The transition connector series
Rubber seal series
Sheet (Shaped gaskets)
Non-standard pieces of rubber
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      Yuyao Yuyao City Yuan Feng Machinery Parts Factory specializing in the production of various types of the various pipeline through, bending Qualcomm (angle-), the three links, Stone pipe joints, quick connectors, high-low-pressure valves, and a variety of non-standard connector manufacturing, and undertook to map sample production.

        We have a larger local CNC equipment, numerical control machine tools, outstanding technical staff, strong technical force, well-equipped, advanced technology, strict testing customs, and new products, quality distinctions, the principle of cheaper prices. Modern factories, advanced production equipment and realistic the style of work, laid the product quality assurance. 


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